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Welcome to Markss Healthcare

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MARKSS Healthcare is a leading sales, marketing and distribution healthcare organization in Sri Lanka. We’re proud to bring exceptional, life-changing and life-enhancing healthcare & medical products from around the globe to ensure the health & wellbeing of the Sri Lankan citizens.

Markss Healthcare

MARKSS Healthcare is a well established pharmaceutical distribution company in Sri Lanka having exclusive distribution agreements with several international pharmaceutical companies.  Makass is actively involved in the importation, distribution, promotion and retailing of pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Bio Medical and Surgical Products. We provide complete professional services to government departments, retail pharmacies, private clinics, industrial companies and the local market. Alongside this professional knowledge and expertise, Makass health care conforms to all the regulatory requirements and has implemented frequently updated quality management systems to ensure the reliability of products. We also work hard to be a dependable distributor in the country pharmaceutical and medical fields. By delivering trusted results to patients and knowledge to physicians through compliance marketing, we put the medical community and customers at the forefront.


MARKSS Healthcare has become the partner of choice for global pharmaceutical & healthcare companies seeking to grow their business in the Sri Lankan market. At Markess, we continuously invest in our facilities, systems and staff to ensure our customers, business partners and other stakeholders receive a world-class service, now and into the future. Expanding business with an island wide network, unique value proposition, and our one-stop solution to pharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals, Bio Medical and Surgical Products. MARKSS Healthcare provides a platform both for accessing global innovation – and ensuring successful reach within & beyond the boundaries of Sri Lanka.

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Reputed Global Brands

Sourcing life-enhancing healthcare & medical products from the reputed international pharmaceutical companies.

State of the Art Storage Capacity

State of the art storing facility with the capability of accommodating highly sensitive cold chain medicines.

Network of Sales & Marketing Professionals

Island wide network of sales & marketing professionals to ensure the growth & expansion of our products

Extensive Inventory

Maintain extensive inventory of pharmaceutical & medical product guaranteeing shorter lead times and on-time delivery of orders

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